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June 12th, 2024

Steube Votes Against NATO

Most of us know NATO as the military alliance between North America (United States and Canada) and Western Europe that began after WWII to establish a defensive alliance. That alliance has helped to maintain the peace in Europe, and came to the defense of the United States after 9/11. NATO is now in the forefront of drawing the line on Russian aggression in Ukraine and potentially beyond. The value of NATO for maintaining peace and stability is incalculable.

But that did not stop Greg Steube and 44 other Republicans from supporting an amendment by Majorie Taylor Greene to cut funding to NATO. Steube, who should know better as a veteran, seems to have no appreciation for our alliances and the value they bring. He has voted against support for NATO in the past as well. He has also voted against funding for Ukraine. Tearing down our alliances and not standing up against Russian aggression is a really bad idea and the only people it will benefit are those that want to bring us down such as Vladimir Putin.

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