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June 29th, 2024

Steube Lies About the Border

Our congressman Greg Steube has not only become the darling of Trump and right-wing

media, but is also getting attention from the general press. Recently Steube was on Fox News throwing out more absurd statements about the southern border. He claimed 50,000 members of the Chinese Communist Party had come into the country. I guess they dutifully stopped at the customs office to prove they were card-carrying Reds. He also claimed that Biden was “intentionally and deliberately … creating chaos at the border to “find ways to get more into our country, literally doing flights of hundreds of thousands of migrants to avoid southern border number.” He also claimed they were only letting people in who can be convinced to vote for Democrats and that Democrats are winning elections by allowing illegal immigrants to vote. These statements of Steube are patently false. It is highly irresponsible for a public official to promote such absurdities and traffic in such deception. It is no wonder the Republican House spends its time in chaos and not getting anything done. Jim Hightower, a columnist and national radio commentator, describes Greg Steube as “a member of Congress with too much time on his hands ... and way too little of anything on his mind. Rep. Greg Steube of Florida is a run-of-the-mill, extremist Republican specializing in such partisan slapstick as trying to nullify Joe Biden's election and install GOP loser, Donald Trump, as president.” Allowing Steube to stay in office will not help us get responsible legislation and would be disservice to our country. Steube must go. #SteubeWatch

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