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Why am I running? Matthew Montavon's run for Congress

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

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Matthew Montavon, Sarasota resident and Democratic Candidate for Congress

My name is Matthew Montavon and I am running for Congress to serve Florida's Gulf Coast. I am standing for office as a moderate Democrat intent on endorsing practical policies to grow the economy, increase opportunity for all Americans, and combat environmental degradation and protect our fragile ecosystem. We need to move forward to address real issues and improve the lives of all Americans, especially those in the middle class and those with a lower socioeconomic status.

I will stand up for the Constitution, for if it is subverted we no longer are that "shining light on the hill", no longer a model for democracy and self-government.

I do not believe Steube’s views are representative of the constituents in our district. The congressional district has become a fertile ground for far-right nationalists, and the MAGA Republicans have encouraged and endorsed those attitudes. But most constituents in the district are reasonable people simply striving for a happy social life and economic security. My opponent has taken an oath to the Constitution, but his focus seems to be only on five words “the right to bear arms”. We all know there is a lot more in the constitution than that. The bedrock of our democracy is free and fair elections, but when the MAGA crowd headed by Trump attempted to subvert the free will of the people, he remained silent, and worse, remained a steadfast Trump supporter, doing Trump’s bidding by introducing baseless articles of impeachment against Biden, and even supporting Trump for Speaker of the House.

As we face real challenges, the Republicans are the party of extremism and their focus on cultural wedge issues does nothing to move the country forward . They are the party of “no” and seem ready to burn the house down rather than find solutions.

Democrats on the other hand have successfully passed an infrastructure bill, reduced drug costs to seniors, brought manufacturing back to the States through the CHIPS act, passed a law to reduce gun violence, strengthened our alliances, and delivered an aggressive climate agenda through the Inflation Reduction Act. America does have problems, but we will work together to find solutions.

I will listen to my constituents, and work on practical solutions to problems facing the district, state and nation. I am committed to frequent public meetings and town halls to have face to face discussions with voters. I will provide true and productive representation.

Learn more about my experience on the About Matt page!

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