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Press Release: Montavon Announces "Steube Watch" Campaign

Contact: Matthew Montavon, 941-278-6732 

Campaign to bring attention to the voting record and actions of our Congressman


Sarasota, FL  - May 21 – Longtime public servant and Sarasota resident Matthew Montavon announced the launch of a public information campaign titled, the “Steube Watch”, created to scrutinize the egregious  actions of Rep. Greg Steube (R-Fl) and hold him accountable through election day.

Montavon is running to unseat Steube as Florida’s 17th Congressional District’s representative in the U.S. House of Representatives. The district covers Sarasota and Charlotte counties, and the north-western portion of Lee County.  

According to Montavon, Steube’s actions in Congress do not reflect the needs and wishes of the people in this district and the goal of the Steube Watch is to educate residents on his MAGA extremism and poor leadership.  For example, he is against a women’s right to choose, he has done little to protect our environment or to support clean energy, has voted against the infrastructure bill which has brought $361 million to the district, and signs on to bills that don’t stand a chance of advancing.

Furthermore, Steube was recently quoted on Fox News: "Hey, you don't like Jack Smith's investigation or the way that the FBI is handling spying on American citizens without a warrant? Cut their funding, do away with their funding. You don't like what the Department of Energy is doing in going after the domestic production of oil and gas? Cut their funding.”

“Putting aside his outrageously loaded political statement, you cannot cut funding for the Justice Department because you don’t like the work,” said Montavon.  “Steube should understand that the Justice Department should be independent and free from political interference. Steube should also understand that oil and gas, and the carbon they produce, are destroying our planet, and creating more powerful hurricanes and floods here in Florida, destroying the lives of his constituents and driving up insurance costs. Sadly, that’s the kind of representation we now have in Washington.”

Montavon stressed,  it’s time to hold him accountable for his lack of leadership and way past time for him to go. “I will work for the people on election integrity and voter access, the environment, energy efficiency, and women’s right to choose,” He continued,  “I have dedicated my career to making organizations work better through service and management. I am the candidate for common sense and common ground.”




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