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Steube Watch

Greg Steube said Trump being found guilty on 34 counts was "A disgrace to our judicial system and constitutional protections of equal justice for all." I find it a disgrace that our representative who has taken an oath to the Constitution should be tearing down our system of government. Everyone is equal under the law - get used to it. Whether it is a trial or an election, you cannot dismiss them just because your idol lost.

Steube blasts Trump guilty verdict

Trump tax cuts mostly benefited the super wealthy (05/29/2024)

Greg Steube has grossly misrepresented the benefits of the tax cuts under Trump. That tax cut primarily benefited the super-rich. Expected business tax breaks which were sold as trickle down for workers, only trickled into corporate owner’s pockets.

The tax rate was reduced by 0.4% for the lowest tax bracket and 3.1% for the highest. Tax cuts for the top 5% of taxpayers were almost 3 times the dollar value of that gained by the bottom 60%.

The promised business and wage growth did not happen, and the tax revenue did not grow either. It fell. The only thing that grew was the super wealthy’s continued wealth gain and the federal deficit. The top 1% of the country used to own 16.6 percent of the wealth in 1989. Now it’s 25.7 percent.

Federal revenue was reduced by $1.7 trillion between 2017 and 2023. Those tax cuts, if continued, will cost the US treasury close to $4 trillion over the next decade. (Brookings)

Biden supports maintaining the tax cuts for those earning less than $400,000, representing 98% of the taxpayers, while allowing other cuts to expire.

Steube has the bad habit of blaming the government first, while ignoring the facts. On his Sunday newletter he stated:

“Additionally, I joined the Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, addressing the tragic loss of Bryan Malinowski at the hands of Biden's ATF and the importance of protecting gun owners from the ATF's overreach.”

The ATF executed a search warrant for Mr. Malinowski’s home for good cause. There was probable cause that he was dealing in gun sales without a license, and as frequently happens in unlicensed gun sales, those guns were ending up in the hands of criminals. This is a crime and a danger to the public. Steube’s message also fails to mention that Malinowski fired first and wounded one of the ATF agents, before the agents fired on and killed Malinowski.

So instead of considering all the facts, Steube blames Biden and the brave law enforcement officers. An investigation is ongoing, but that never stopped Steube from jumping to conclusions.

Steube blindly blames law enforcement (05/26/2024)
Greg Steube promotes cutting funding for the Justice and Energy Departments (05/25/2024)

Steube was recently quoted on Fox News: "Hey, you don't like Jack Smith's investigation or the way that the FBI is handling spying on American citizens without a warrant? Cut their funding, do away with their funding. You don't like what the Department of Energy is doing in going after the domestic production of oil and gas? Cut their funding.”

“Putting aside his outrageously loaded political statement, you cannot cut funding for the Justice Department because you don’t like the work,” said Montavon.  “Steube should understand that the Justice Department should be independent and free from political interference. Steube should also understand that oil and gas, and the carbon they produce, are destroying our planet, and creating more powerful hurricanes and floods here in Florida, destroying the lives of his constituents and driving up insurance costs. Sadly, that’s the kind of representation we now have in Washington.”

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