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Issues and Priorities

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Voter Access

Simple, easy voting access, curtailing gerrymandering, supporting the passing and implementation of the John Lewis Voting Rights Act

In 2013, the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act, taking away the preclearance previously required before new voting laws could be implemented. Since then, hundreds of laws have been proposed and many passed restricting access to the ballot.

Republican jump on spurious voter fraud claims to implement laws and actions that make voting more difficult, such as limiting ballot boxes, stringent voter IDs, limiting hours and restricting vote by mail, as is the case in Florida, by requiring periodic re-registration.

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Protecting and conserving land and water, transition to a renewable energy environment, and smart coastal adaptions.

We must be better stewards of the environment. Phosphate mining in Florida is a major pollutant.  Waste products from the processing must be better regulated to avoid river and gulf water contamination, as well as its contribution to generating red tide.

Approaches also need to be identified to address other pollutants such as lawn and farm fertilizers as well as contamination from septic tanks and cattle fields.  All these are part of our daily lives but must be addressed to prevent their harmful effects on the environment.

And as development goes wild in Florida, we must continue to push for approaches to mitigate the environmental costs. We must capture more land for preservation and parks before it is bulldozed for another development.

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Women's Right to Choose

Let the decision on health care be between a woman and her provider, not the government.

Roe v. Wade established a precedent and liberty that has now been unjustly stripped away. Women must leave their state for the health care they need. State laws are becoming restrictive as in the case of Florida, prohibiting it after 6 weeks.

 It is a question of woman’s freedom and autonomy. Dragging a woman through government offices or courts to consider her health care is absurd. I will push for laws protecting a women’s right to choose. Vote Yes on Amendment 4.

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Energy Efficiency

Restricting energy company monopolies by opening the market

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Quality public Pre-K to 12th grade education, and affordable college accessible for every American 

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All Americans should be treated with dignity and respect in their communities, workplaces, and schools. 

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Foreign Policy

Building strong alliances and working towards global understanding. Contributing to world development as necessary tools for promoting security and prosperity.

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Insurance Crisis

Reform is needed to correct the Florida insurance market as soon as possible

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Housing Crisis

Address affordable housing through national programs supporting the building of lower income units and support for first home buyers.

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 Implementing a mixed economy, as well as making clean energy investments will help achieve economic development and job creation.  Support President Biden's programs for rebuilding our infrastructure and revitalizing industry in America.

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Gun Safety

The more guns around, the more people will be killed by them. Countries with high level gun control have far fewer gun deaths. In our country over 1,500 children and over 40,000 adults were killed in gun violence last year.

To make our country safer, we should begin by getting assault weapons off the market. These weapons of war are frequently used in mass killings.

Background checks, laws requiring safe storage, and red flag laws, essentially ensuring responsible gun ownership, will help to reduce guns getting into the wrong hands.

Hunting is a popular sport and an American tradition. There is no intention to take away guns used for hunting.

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Health Care

Every American should receive quality health care that is accessible and affordable 

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